Colnago V4Rs: The Ultimate Race Machine

March 14, 2023

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The Colnago V4Rs is fast, light, and surefooted at speed, yet it’s a bike that really shines when ridden at pro speeds.

The Italian brand Colnago launched the V4Rs, the latest rendition of the Colnago Prototipo that Tadej Pogačar rode through the 2022 season. 

The Colnago launched V3Rs in 2019 – a proven race-winner. This bike was chosen by the UAE Team Emirates of Pogačar, which won the 2021 Tour de France and several other championships.

The new Real Dynamic Stiffness (RDS) design makes the frame stiffer when sprinting and sitting.

In the meantime, Colnago claims that it has improved the sizing geometry to provide a better fit for racing-focused riders.

The V4RS is the successor of the V3Rs and takes everything great about the V3Rs and makes it even better, with improvements in stiffness, aerodynamics, weight, and handling.

In this article, we will review the main features and benefits of the Colnago V4Rs, and explain why it is a bike that is perhaps best left to the professionals.

What you need to know about the new Colnago V4Rs

  • Developed and designed from the Colnago Prototipo
  • An efficiency increase of 27.7 watts over Tour-winning V3Rs
  • Lightweight by 57g compared to the V3Rs
  • A better ride and handling experience
  • Geometry revised to improve fit across sizes
  • CeramicSpeed SLT headset

Why Colnago?

Colnago is a legendary name in the cycling world, with a rich history of producing some of the most iconic and innovative bikes ever made. The Italian brand has always been at the forefront of technology and performance, and its latest creation, the V4RS, is no exception. Before this, Colnago earned a lot of reputation by introducing its winning built machine V3Rs.

What makes the Colnago V4Rs so special?

Colnago V4Rs: The Ultimate Race Machine

The Colnago V4Rs is not just another road bike. It is a bike that has been designed and tested with one goal in mind: to win. Colnago has used its extensive experience and expertise in carbon fiber engineering, aerodynamics, geometry, and ergonomics to achieve this winning mind.

Here are some of the key features that make the V4Rs stand out from the crowd:


The V4Rs frame weighs only 790 grams (size 50s), 57 grams lighter than the V3Rs. This is achieved using a new carbon fiber layup that optimizes the stiffness-to-weight ratio and reduces unnecessary material. The fork also weighs only 340 grams, thanks to a new design that integrates the brake caliper into the fork crown.


The V4Rs are 10% stiffer than the V3Rs in both the bottom bracket and head tube areas, translating into more power transfer and steering precision. The new carbon fiber layup also increases the frame’s torsional rigidity while maintaining a balanced level of vertical compliance for comfort. The fork also features a new steerer tube shape that improves stiffness and aerodynamics.


The V4Rs is more aerodynamic than the V3Rs, thanks to several refinements in the frame and fork shapes. The downtube, seat tube, seat stays, and fork legs have been reshaped to reduce drag and improve airflow. The head tube also features a new integrated headset system that eliminates external spacers and creates a smooth transition between the frame and stem. The brake calipers are also integrated into the frame and fork to minimize turbulence.


The V4Rs has a new geometry that improves handling and stability at high speeds. The wheelbase is slightly shorter than the V3Rs, which makes the bike more agile and responsive. The head angle is also slightly steeper, which increases steering accuracy and feedback. The chainstays are also shorter, which improves traction and acceleration.

Who is the Colnago V4Rs for?

The Colnago V4Rs is a bike designed for riders who demand the best performance, quality, and style. The bike can handle any terrain and challenge, from flat sprints to steep climbs to technical descents.

The V4Rs is not a bike for everyone, though. It is a bike for professionals or aspiring professionals who have the skills, fitness, and experience to push it to its limits. It is a bike that requires high commitment and dedication to get the most out of it.

The V4Rs is also a costly bike. It has a hefty price tag reflecting its premium features and craftsmanship. It is a bike that you buy not only for its functionality but also for its exclusivity and prestige.

Pros and Cons of V4Rs


  • Stiff rear end
  • Tour-winning pedigree
  • An excellent climber


  • Enough expensive
  • Handling feels relatively slow, though this helps confidence at speed
  • A little dull looking, especially for Colnago

Geometry Specs of V4Rs and V3Rs

Colnago V4Rs: The Ultimate Race Machine

Compared to the V3Rs, Colnago has revised the geometry of V4Rs based on feedback from the company’s pro riders. 

There is almost a linear relationship between seat tube length and reach for the V4Rs, which Colnago says makes sizing easier and more precise.

Colnago has kept the stack/reach ratio constant across the sizes and the chainstay length constant. In addition, Colnago claims this keeps the racy feel and handling consistent from the smallest to the largest sizes.

Colnago V4Rs Specs and Pricing

Colnago V4Rs: The Ultimate Race Machine

We have yet to receive global pricing information. However, Euro pricing is as follows.

Colnago V4Rs Team Edition

  • Price: €15,260
  • Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 + power meter
  • ENVE 3.4 wheelset
  • CC0.1 Colnago cockpit

Campagnolo Super Record EPS and SRAM Red eTap AXS builds is as follows.

Colnago V4Rs frame kit

  • Price: €5,250
  • Frame, fork, seatpost, headset, handlebar/stem

The V4Rs costs €15,260 for a complete bike that is much more expensive – considering today’s skyrocketing prices, it’s one of the most costly bikes listed so far in Euro prices.

The frame kit pricing, however, is comparable to that of other WorldTour-proven rivals. BMC’s SLR.01 comes in at €5,299, the Pinarello Dogma F is €5,600, and the Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL7 is €5,200.

By looking at all the above features and details, it’s easy to mention that Colnago V4Rs is the ultimate racing machine in the cycling world, and it’s built to win. Due to its prolonged unparalleled features, V4RS has become a giant, and perhaps it could become the fastest bike in the world.


The Colnago V4Rs is a bike that represents the pinnacle of road racing technology and performance. The bike combines lightweight, stiffness, aerodynamics, and handling distinctively. It is a bike developed with input from some of the best riders in the world, such as Tadej Pogacar and Egan Bernal.

If you are looking for a bike to help you achieve your racing goals and dreams, look no further than the Colnago V4Rs. This is a bike that will satisfy you. However, if you want a more versatile, comfortable, or affordable bike, you might want to consider other options.

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