Northrock XC27 Mountain Bike Review (2023)

January 27, 2023

By Ali Raza

If you’re planning to invest in a mountain bike, do your research first. Since bikes are quite expensive, you want to ensure that your needs are met. Durable, agile, low-maintenance, off-road robust, elegant design, good suspension, and excellent wheels are qualities you can get from the Northrock XC27 Mountain bike. But, having a bike that suits your personal needs is also crucial.

The Northrock Xc27 Mountain bike’s quality components make it the first choice for beginners since it is low maintenance and durable for all riders. This bike is easy to use and reliable regardless of experience. You can experience quicker acceleration and find that the 27.5″ wheel rolls over the trail easily, giving you greater control and agility.

When you invest in outdoor biking equipment, it is essential to use it before purchasing it. Almost all retailers allow you to try it out before you buy, so take advantage of this possibility.

There are many excellent features that mountain bikers want in Northrock XC27, but does this mean it is flawless? Yes, it does have some drawbacks, just like any other bike.

What are the essential features of a mountain bike? Here are the most crucial elements of your outdoor companion.

How to Choose a Mountain Bike?

It is crucial to ensure that your mountain bike fits you properly. Use the right size instead of the regular one. Try out a bike first to ensure it works for you since each brand has a different standard.

The most important measurement for your mountain bike is the reach and stack distance. With a long front, the axle will be far ahead, allowing you to hold it without falling over the bars. While a short seat will provide you ample standover and maneuvering space, be careful to acquire the full height of the pedals.

You should choose a wheel size based on the terrain you will be driving on. For long distances, people prefer large hoops, while trail runners prefer smaller, stronger hoops. Tire pressure is important when using large wheels on challenging trails, and keep it in mind while going to rugged terrains.

According to some mountain bike specialists, giant bikes are becoming less common, and smaller ones are taking their place. Remember that you have to decide which option is best for you. As a result, it’s crucial to test the bike out before spending money to buy it.

You shouldn’t consider the weight of your bike. Off-road strength is much more important than what your mountain bike weighs. Besides weight class, steering accuracy is another critical feature to consider. But remember that a few extra pounds can help your bike on the road; despite this, it is far from a mountain bike’s most important attribute.

A mountain bike should have axle diameters and spacing, a headset, a bottom bracket, and a seat post diameter. Having internal routing on your mountain bike is also a great feature, but it should be something other than your top priority.

You can get the most value out of your money by purchasing a bike like the Northrock xc27 mountain bike. It’s a fantastic piece of equipment that does more than just get you from A to B. It’s a piece of equipment that is more than just a pastime; it’s a way of life.

Northrock XC27 Mountain Bike Full Review

Let’s dive into the full review of the Northrock Xc27.

Northrock Xc27 Mountain bike review
Frameall-aluminum 6061, 27.5″ specific geometry, press-formed aluminum frame
ForkSR Suntour XCE 27.5”, preload, 80 mm travel
TyresMaxxis mountain, 27.5″ x 2.2″
Frame Size17.5″ fits most riders 1.7 m to 1.8 m (5 ft 7 in. to 6 ft 1 in.)
ColorsBlack matte and gloss finish / vibrant neon and silver gloss finish
Rear DerailleurShimano Altus M310
Seatpostalloy micro adjust 30.9 mm with quick-release
Brake LeversShimano Altus EF-500 integrated with a shifter
Chain KMC-Z50
BrakesTektro mechanical dual disc
ShiftersShimano Altus EF-500 Rapid-Fire (21 Speeds)
CranksetShimano TY501 triple crank (42/34/24T)
StemNR sport, 10-degree
CogsetShimano (14-28T)
Headsetsealed integrated threadless
HandlebarsNR 31.8 mm low-rise black alloy
Bottom Bracketsealed cartridge
Front Hub32H alloy with quick-release
Rear Hub 32H alloy with quick-release
SeatVelo mountain performance
GripsVelo ergonomic dual-density comfort grip

After considering the specifications of the Northrock Xc27, now look at its Pros and Cons that are worth mentioning.


  • Low maintenance
  • Robust all-aluminum press-formed frame
  • Rust-proof
  • Ideal for both women and men
  • promotes cycling agility
  • Facilitates quick acceleration
  • High-quality tires, wheels, rims, and frames
  • Comfortable saddle
  • It has a robust front suspension, brake system, and Shimano drivetrain
  • Equipped with robust spokes


  • It is not suitable for riders below 5’7″

Features of Northrock XC27 Mountain Bike

Let’s dive into some general features to understand better the bike we prefer. Especially if you are going off-road, the Northrock XC27 Mountain bike is a great way to get around. This bike is light and responsive and has hand built 6061 aluminum alloy press-formed frame. 

Additionally, it has Tektro mechanical disc brakes, which allow the bike to be controlled regardless of the weather. Fast-moving tires on it eat up impediments and enhance overall trail control. It is a wall-rimmed bicycle that is both light and durable. Moreover, it has corrosion-resistant stainless steel spokes.

The Northrock XC27 Mountain Bike is unique and more practical than most bikes due to its low maintenance, rustproof construction, bottle cage, rear bike rack, child seat, and fenders. Besides having unique features, it also has a transparent rustproof paint finish.

It also accelerates quickly, which is a terrific benefit if you prefer to live a crazy lifestyle. A bike that rolls easily over trails means no need to worry about getting lost on the trails. With this, you have greater agility and control than a typical bike. The Northrock mountain bike is the perfect example of why we love it. It makes the ideal companion you want to have on terrains.

When you apply the brakes, your bicycle will come to a halt. Regarding bikes, breaking is one of the most critical conditions. It would be best if you had control over stopping, and the Tektro disc can assist you in doing so.

Saddle and Grip of the Northrock xc27

Velo Mountain Saddle

The Velo saddle is tailored to keep you comfortable riding a bike regardless of terrain conditions. This will increase the power of your Mac and allow you to perform better on it. 

Velo Grips

The grips provide durability, comfort, and control as frosting on the cake. There is nothing worse than losing your Grip when it’s getting tight. The Northrock xc27 mountain bike will always be there when you’re holding on to your activities.

Northrock XC27 Mountain Bike Gears

With a wide range of gears, you can climb effortlessly. It’s got a great KMC chain for durability and reliability. It has a fantastic KMC chain for sturdiness and dependability.

Maxxis Ikon 27.5" x 2.2" Mountain Tires

 Additionally, it sports a 21-speed Shimano Altus transmission and quick-shifting tires. This enables you to shift while still maintaining control of the bike quickly. You can also include brake levers for secure adjustment settings.

Suspension and Alloys of the Northrock xc27

With its 27.5-inch frame, the mountain bike has a front suspension. With its lightweight alloy, and rustproof rims for greater strength and durability, it can handle unpredictability on terrain. The stainless steel on the Northrock XC27 Mountain Bike ensures that the bike can withstand all kinds of elements.

Northrock XC27 Vs. XC29

Although these two Northrock bikes share some similarities, they also differ in several ways. If you want to choose between these two, you need to examine each separately, so you pick the right one.


Both these mountain bikes, Northrock XC27 and Northrock XC29, have 6061 hand-built aluminum frames, 21-speed Shimano Altus drivetrains, and Tektro disc brakes.

Additionally, both these bikes include a Shimano Altus M310 rear derailleur, Maxxis mountain tires, SR Suntour XCT forks, and KMC-Z50 chains.


Even though these bikes share many similarities, they differ in some essential features. For instance, they share the same frame size (17.5 inches); Northrock XC27 fits riders with heights of 5 ft 7 in. to 6 ft 1 in (170cm to 180cm), while Northrock XC29 accommodates cyclists who have 5 ft. 8 in. to 6 ft. 3 in (170cm to 190cm) height.

Furthermore, Northrock XC27’s fork is 27.5 inches (69.9cm), while Northrock XC29’s fork is 29 inches (73.6cm).

Northrock XC27 has 27-inch wheels, while Northrock XC29’s wheels are 29-inch.

Consider your height while selecting the right one of these Northrock mountain bike models. A taller rider will be more comfortable on XC29, while a shorter rider will feel comfortable on XC27.

At Costco, both bikes cost $429.99, and you can buy them according to your desire.

FAQs (People Also Ask)

Is the Northrock XC27 from Costco any good?

Although the Northrock contains higher-quality parts, the overall design, particularly the geometry, needs to be updated. It’s still a fantastic MTB starter, although few upgrades are available. The Northrock isn’t awful if you are commuting more and less seriously about MTBing or upgrading.

How much is a Northrock XC27?

Cosco sells this Northrock XC27 Mountain bike for $429.99 – a great deal considering its comfortable, lightweight, all-aluminum frame, and smooth rides on various terrains.

Where to buy the Northrock Xc27?

The Northrock Xc27 is available in some selected Cosco stores and Walmarts.

How much does the Northrock Xc27 weigh?

The Northrock Xc27 Mountain bike weighs 32lb (14.5kg).


This mountain bike Northrock XC27 (made by Giant), is a must-have because of its quality build that will surely amaze you. It is a decent bicycle that will do more than get you from other brands. Let the low price not deter you because it is an excellent MTB that will do more than get you where you are going.

The Northrock XC27 is suitable for both men and women, although the frame design makes it more suitable for young men. You can consider this budget mountain bike for your first commute to rough terrains. Indeed, it’ll give you incredible feelings at a low price.

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